Oh my!  Miss Indi is a bit gorgeous!!!  At about 12 mths of age, Indi will still be classified as a puppy for another year, so will need a firm consistent handler to keep her on the right track to being a well behaved adult.  At this point, she walks well on the lead, sits on call and is well mannered at meeting dogs and people, but as I say, this firm handed training must continue for the next 12 months to ensure she becomes the perfect dog.

Indi has been desexed, has had an eye lift (entropion surgery) is C5 vaccinated microchipped and has been treated for heart worm and intestinal worms.  She is looking for a home where she can be a part of the family.  Older kids would be great (being young and a goofy pup, she could run the risk of knocking a pre-schooler over), but as far as her personality is concerned, she is a lovely sweet little girl.
Indi would love a doggy boyfriend in her next home, a warm bed indoors, good quality kibble and regular walks and car trips.  Speaking of quality dog kibble, Indi recently underwent bowel obstruction surgery to remove a teddy bears foot.  She is obviously allergic to same!!!!  Seriously, this should cause her no further grief as she ages, but it is vital she is fed a good quality diet all her life, which is something all shar pei should enjoy in any case.
Indi is a real charmer.  She is such a good looker and she is a smooch as well.  This little red brush coat girl with a black mask (muzzle) is now ready to leave SPR and is awaiting your enquiry right now.
Available for a fraction of the cost of her vetwork, Indi can be adopted for just $820
Microchip:  982009104924032