Noah had a poor start to life after being ab andoned in a park in NSW due to a typical Shar Pei condition, Entropian that required surgery costing in the vicinity of $2000. Noah's breeder decided to dump the puppy in a park hoping that some kind stranger would look after him.  Luckilly for Noah, Shar Pei Rescue (NSW) came to his aid, paid for his surgery, put him into foster care (thanks Sue) and searched for a permanent home for him until we came along.  As it turned out, Noahs brothers and sister (see Jake) were also dumped due to varying medical problems most likely as a result of inbreeding.

Baby Noah

King Noah now lives and head ups S har Pei Rescue Inc headquarters along with his adopted family including Diesel, our two "other" Shar Pei (in Staffordshire Bull Terrier clothing - Leroy & Bella) and a short white fluffy named Charlie Brown.



Noah has become the mascot for Shar Pei Rescue Inc. and has featured in numerous media publications such as:

Channel 10 - 9am with David and Kim
Leader Newspaper - Oct 14th 2009

Noah is his mothers (Amanda) sexiest beast in her universe!!

King Noah with Diesel in the background

Happy Noah