All adoption applications will be reviewed. Please understand that there are often more questions to answer once we have received your detailed application. A yard check is a mandatory requirement of SHAR PEI Rescue Inc. Again, please understand that we love each of our orphans and that when they have arrived on our door step, they have generally hit rock bottom. Therefore when they leave us, we have to be 1000% certain that it is a PERFECT match.

In turn, we also reserve the right to reject any application as we see fit!

Adult Dogs (12months – 7 years) have an Adoption Fee of between $400.00 and $600.00. This payment goes towards the costs of desex, C5 vaccination, microchip, worming, flea treatment and heartworm prevention that are incurred by SHAR PEI Rescue Inc. The fee goes toward paying the vet clinic who does our work, food bills, beds, bowls, leads, collars, travel crate purchases, and generally helps to maintain the cost of the shelter premises. Some purebred dogs, or dogs who have had extensive surgeries have an increased adoption fee.

Pups (8 weeks to 6 months) have an Adoption Fee of $600.00 – $750.00 depending on the costs associated with the individual dog for vet work and/or external training. This goes towards the costs of desex, tri-annual vaccination, microchip, worming, flea treatment and heartworm prevention that are incurred by SHAR PEI Rescue Inc. The fee goes toward the vet clinic who does our work, food bills, buys beds, bowls, transport of pound pooches, external training programs, flea and worm medications, etc when needed.

Some purebred dogs or dogs with greater surgical/medical needs (that have been met whilst in care) have an increased adoption fee.

Senior dogs those over 8 years are available at a reduced cost.

Surrenders From time to time we are in a position to take in voluntary surrenders. The dog must have a current C5 vaccination certificate with at least 8 mths remaining before needing another C5 vaccination. If unable to provide this certificate, this will incur a charge of $50.00.

If the dog is interstate (we are based in country Victoria – about 1 hour from Melbourne CBD) we can arrange discounted transport, however the cost of this will be the responsibility of the surrendering party. (A quote from Jet Pets can be provided – this is at rescue rates)

The dog must be desexed. If the dog is entire, we ask that you have this surgery performed, or alternatively, we can arrange for desexing at our vet, the cost of which is $220.00 for a female and $190.00 for a male.

Microchip is also required. Again this can be done at our vet at a cost of $45.

There is also a surrender fee of $200.00. This covers the cost of flea and worm treatments, 2 meals per day, and anything else your dog needs while they are in our care. They stay with us for a minimum of three weeks and there is no “use by” date. Meaning that if it takes us months or even years to find a suitable home for your dog, so be it! The average stay is rescue is approx 3-4 months. In this time we tempt test and provide appropriate information to adoptive parents. E.G. Is the dog good with cats? Has a high prey drive? Good with kids? Not suitable with kids. Needs doggy company. Needs a one dog home. Etc. Your dog will also receive obedience training on a daily basis whilst in care. Once your dog has passed all the requirements of our rehoming criteria, we then make your dog available for adoption.

We are a no kill shelter with the only exceptions to this rule being euthanasia for terminal disease or aggression issues that we have not been able to work through. We would NEVER put a dog to sleep for lack of adoption applications. All dogs stay in the comfort and safety of our family home gaining sociability with kids, adults and other dogs until the perfect forever home comes along.