Honey is a special girl. She had to move interstate for her own protection, and has spent the past 9 mths or so learning that its OK to trust. Now out the other side of the mess that was her life, we see a very special dog who is 6 yr old Honey.

For one thing, she is a born little mama. She just adores all kids of all ages and is just so very gentle with them, but never intrusive or demanding. Honey is a sweet and very loving dog who had a dreadful start to life but desperately wants to forgive and forget her past. She is super affectionate, and ALWAYS up for pats love and kisses.

Honey is a gentle soul who would very much welcome the company of a stable male dog in her life, and a family to call her own. She enjoys a walk on the lead, or a lay down beside the pool. This little lady has so much to give…...

She is desexed, C5 vaccinated and ready to leave the safety of SPR Inc to live the life she has always deserved in her very own forever home. Would that be with you?

Honey is currently in Brisbane and her microchip number is: 9645 1222 4675

Honey is available to the right family for a donation to SHAR PEI Rescue Inc


Last Updated (Saturday, 19 January 2019 17:59)